Which is it: Money Transmission or MSB

MSB does not always mean money transmission.  This can be illustrated most simply by looking at the definitions provided in one state money transmitter law (California) and by FinCEN:

MSBs (as defined by FinCEN) are money service businesses, which include but are not limited to money transmission. MSBs include check cashers, issuers/sellers/redeemers of money orders and traveler’s checks, currency dealers, currency exchangers, and providers/sellers of prepaid access (includes prepaid cards). For more information, MSBs are defined at 31 CFR 1010.10

Money Transmission (as defined in California) includes selling or issuing payment instruments; selling or issuing stored value; or receiving money for transmission.  For more information, the California Money Transmission Act starts at Cal. Fin. Code 2000

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